the fable

The little fox was born in a land where all the people and the animals lived together in harmony. A long time ago people had come to the country who promised to make them all rich and powerful. But only the animals and people who became friends with the foreigners became rich and powerful and the others were every year poorer and had no say. In the end they all had so little to eat that they started to fight against each other. It was an endless war that devastated the country. This was when the little fox was born.It became so bad that the common people and the animals had to leave and see if they could survive somewhere else. But all the other countries already belonged to somebody and nobody wanted to have them. Finally they arrived at a big sea. The Spyder God Ananzi appeared to the big Fox and told him that he would have to find a boat to cross the big sea with his family. The fox found two sailors who were bad people. They took everything from him he had and promised to sail the fox and his family across the big sea. At night in the middle of the sea the sailors grabbed the animals and threw them overboard and went back to their land. The wife and the children of the Fox drowned, only the old fox and the little Fox on his back survived and the old Fox kept swimming until he found a piece of wood. They drifted a couple of days on the Ocean. Ananzi appeared and told the old Fox that a boat would pick them up. But the old fox would have to sacrifice himself and jump into the sea that the 0eople would feel sorry for the little fox and pick him up from the water.

Promise, promis, promis weaves like a red tread through the story.

And then even the promised land is a shithole.

Who is the biggest moral authority: the old wolf who knows nothing but how to survive and against all morals if need be, the young lioness who after being a brainwashed soldier and seeing only injustice, has become judge and executioner by her own rigid standards or the little fox who just loves his two companions and fights for their common right to live.

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