A dramatized documentary about living outside of society and morality in precarious circumstances.

A little boy from Togo, a teenage girl from Somalia, disguised as a boy and an older man from Liberia have fled over the Mediterranean and barely survived. They have met in Italy as they make their way to Germany where they hope for a new existence. The man is offered a job as a parking attendant but the condition to get the job , is a mobile phone. The little boy owns a fake Rolex, the girl owns a ring. The man has nothing. They go to buy a phone but the merchant is not willing to trade. As they leave disappointed the merchant stops the man and and asks him if he would be willing to bring a phone to Germany. He will give him 500 € now and he will be paid another 5000 € at delivery in Germany. The man thinks about it and then goes back and takes the phone. Don’t speak to anybody about this and don’t lose the phone if you love your life. The man does not want to tell the children about it but the boy has seen how the man got the money and the phone. In the morning the man tries to sneak off without the children, but the phone is gone. He searches the boy and threatens to beat him when the girl admits she has it. He takes the phone from her and leaves. The children follow him.


The end could be:

In Germany the man tries to outsmart the Mafia to get paid twice: by the Mafia and by their enemies. There is a shootout. The man dies. The girl ( a child soldier in her country) kills a couple of Mafia guys and gets arrested. The little boy escapes with the phone which in the end appears to be totally useless.

I thought it might be a good idea to have a hypothetical ending we could work towards.

The boy tells the story. His angle on the narrative is one of total innocence.

The girl was a child soldier in her country. How was her moral stance perverted and how does she function with her new family and in enemy territory?

The man is a product of traditional African society and is a true stranger in a strange land. He is more lost then the children.

Can we tell the story almost as a fable? The fox the wolf the cat. I remember African fairy Tales. Ananzi the spyder.

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