by Emanuel Boeck.  2019 all copyrights reserved



Prolog in heaven: 


Chango the king of heaven has bequeathed to Ananzi the spider the stories of humanity. But he is dissatisfied with what Ananzi did with his gift. He has Ananzi come before him and reproaches her that her stories have only led to discord among the people. Ananzi tries to defend herself and claims that when people will finally be all connected to her net of stories, love and understanding will ultimately prevail on earth. Chango gives her a last chance by challenging her to come up with  a story that will make him cry.


    Ananzi tells the tale of an African beggar trying to survive in Rome by playing a blind man. His biggest wish is to go to his brother in Germany. His most valuable possession is his smart phone, with which he connects to his brother in Germanyevery day. One night he saves the life of a priest who wants to jump into the river Tiber. God speaks to the priest and promises him that he is prepared to save his soul when he converts the black beggar to the true faith. The beggar does not trust the priest, but is impressed by his miracles: like food, a job or a roof over the head, Little by little he comes in the danger of giving up his faith to his African gods.  Chango  the king of heaven appears to him in anger and demands loyalty to his African gods. He promises the beggar a ticket and a passport to Germany if he converts the priest to the Voodoo religion . The beggar does not give himself much of a chance, but is a practical man and convinces the priest, that he can baptize  him, if he agrees to undergo an African ritual. The priest is enthusiastic about the idea and lets himself be obsessed by the drumming and dancing at night in the park. When he goes to baptize the beggar in the Tiber, he falls into the water and drowns after all. Convinced that their trick did not work, the beggar continues to pursue his life in Rome, when he gets a call that he should meet his brother on the beach of Ostia. But not the brother, but his girlfriend appears with the ashes and the passport of his brother.


Epiloge in heaven:

Ananzi catches Chango as he wipes a tear from his cheek. She  has won the bet and keeps the stories of mankind.

Ananzi Script by Emanuel Boeck all copyrights reserved 2019
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